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TOEIC - Test 104
TOEIC 600: Bài trắc nghiệm tìm từ đồng nghĩa. Chọn 1 trong những đáp án dưới đây có nghĩa tương đương với từ đã cho ở trên.
Ngày làm bài: Hôm nay lúc 11:32:53 (Server time)
Số câu hỏi: 10.   Tổng điểm: 10
Yêu cầu hoàn thành: 60 phút.
Thời gian còn lại: 
Cỡ chữ câu hỏi:  Cỡ chữ đáp án:

adj. sophisticated
  A - 
unusual; exceptional; unique; particular; limited; highly valued
  B - 
excellent; pleasant; pleasurable; decent; valid; well-behaved; in fine condition; competent; skilled; positive; having admirable moral values
  C - 
administrative; operational; having the power to execute laws and policy
  D - 
seasoned; worldly-wise; refined; cultured; complex; intricate; complicate
adj. civic
  A - 
solemn; grave; acute; critical; important; requiring much consideration; humorless; grim
  B - 
firm; solid; real; wealthy; influential; important; considerable; sizable; am
  C - 
alert; clever; ingenious; skillful; adept
  D - 
pertaining to a city; pertaining to citizenship
adj. elect
  A - 
having the capacity for feeling; susceptible to external influences or agents; responsive; reactive; delicate; requiring special care or treatment; touchy; responding acutely to emotional stimuli; temperamental
  B - 
energetic; full of life; playfull; lively
  C - 
first; primary; innovative; creative; novel
  D - 
chosen for office but net yet formally installed
adj. splendid
  A - 
comprising the best result ever attained
  B - 
moral; adhering to ethical principles; precise; strict; exact
  C - 
wonderful; excellent; marvelous; grand; elegant; magnificent
  D - 
reciprocal; done in response to a previous action; repeated; recurring; used to come back; used for returning; sent back; given back
adj. opposite
  A - 
preferred; beloved; liked
  B - 
facing, across from; contrary; reverse; different; antithetical
  C - 
commonplace; ordinary; usual; customary; habitual
  D - 
negotiated by an intermediary; settled through a middleman
adj. sincere
  A - 
able to be carried out; achievable; possible; likely
  B - 
honest; truthful; frank; straightforward; genuine; earnest
  C - 
mild; slight; comfortable; facile; worry-free; simple
  D - 
plentiful; abundant; generous; giving freely; extravagant; wasteful
adj. healthy
  A - 
not true; counterfeit; deceitful; wrong; artificial; not faithful
  B - 
assorted; different; individual; several
  C - 
well; not sick; fit; sound
  D - 
exerting great force; effective; potent; producing the desired effect; mighty; authoritative; influential
adj. false
  A - 
not true; counterfeit; deceitful; wrong; artificial; not faithful
  B - 
decayed; decomposed; putrid; spoiled; extremely bad; very unpleasant; despicable
  C - 
extra; supplemental
  D - 
hard; troublesome; complicated; complex; causing difficulty
adj. entitled
  A - 
frail; feeble; faint; dilute; watery
  B - 
allowed; eligible; having the right to something
  C - 
honest; sincere; straightforward; open; candid
  D - 
of secondary importance; insignificant; corresponding
adj. initialed
  A - 
signed with initials; marked with the first letter or letter of a name
  B - 
presently holding an office or position; compulsory; necessary; resting; lying
  C - 
customary; routine; formal
  D - 
concentrated; fixed; focused; determined; resolute; purposeful
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