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Lớp 8   ||  Toán    Vật Lý    Lịch Sử    Sinh Học    Hóa Học    Tiếng Anh  

My Friend - Test 12
Use this paragraph for question 1-5
My name’s Ellen and my husband’s name is Peter. We’ve got three children - two sons and a daughter. Our sons’ names are Ian and Ben. They’re twins, but they aren’t identical. Ian’s got dark hair, but Ben’s hair is fair. Our daughter’s name is Tracy. She’s eight years old. The boys are four.
Use this paragraph for question 6-10
I have twin brothers, Tim and Tom. They are very similar and a lot of people don’t know which is which. They both have blond hair and blue eyes, and they always wear jeans and T-shirts.
They like doing the same things, too. For example, they both like jazz and they’re crazy about football. They go to a football match once a week. Tim doesn’t like dancing or discos and Tom doesn’t like them, either. Although they’re twins, they’re not exactly the same at everything. Tim works hard at school because he wants to go to university, but Tom is a bit lazy. Our mother is often away from home because of her job, so we all work together in the house. Most of the time it’s fine, but sometimes we fight a bit!
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Cỡ chữ câu hỏi:  Cỡ chữ đáp án:

How many people are there in Ellen’s family?
  A - 
  B - 
  C - 
  D - 
What does the word ’twins’ in line 3 mean?
  A - 
one of two children who were born at the same time to the same mother
  B - 
the child of somebody’s aunt or uncle
  C - 
a girl or woman who is somebody’s child
  D - 
a boy or man who is somebody’s child
How old is Ben?
  A - 
He’s four years old.
  B - 
He’s eight years old.
  C - 
He’s two years old.
  D - 
no information
What’s Ellen’s daughter’s name?
  A - 
  B - 
  C - 
  D - 
Which of the following is not true?
  A - 
Ellen’s husband’s name is Peter.
  B - 
Tracy is eight years old.
  C - 
Ian and Ben are twins.
  D - 
Ian’s got black hair and Ben’s hair is blond.
What does the word ’similar’ in line 1 mean?
  A - 
the same in some ways
  B - 
completely the same
  C - 
completely different
  D - 
liked by many people
Tim and Tom ____ .
  A - 
are the author’s twin brothers
  B - 
have blond hair and blue eyes
  C - 
aiways wear jeans and T-shirts
  D - 
all are correct
What does the word ’them’ in line 6 refer to?
  A - 
  B - 
  C - 
jeans and T-shirts
  D - 
dancing or discos
Which of the following is not true?
  A - 
Tim is hard-working.
  B - 
Tom is a bit lazy.
  C - 
Their mother is often away from home.
  D - 
Tim doesn’t like dancing or discos but Tom likes them.
The passage is written about the author’s _____ .
  A - 
  B - 
pen pals
  C - 
  D - 
a & c
[Người đăng: Phan Phúc Doãn - ST]
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