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Thi bằng   ||  Thi bằng Nails Mỹ (Tiếng Việt)    Thi bằng Nails Mỹ (Tiếng Anh)    Thi Bằng Lái Xe Mỹ (Tiếng Anh)    Thi Bằng Lái Xe Mỹ (Tiếng Việt)    Thi Bằng Lái Xe Việt Nam    Quốc Tịch Mỹ  

Manicurist Test - 44
Ngày làm bài: Hôm nay lúc 12:16:59 (Server time)
Số câu hỏi: 10.   Tổng điểm: 10
Yêu cầu hoàn thành: 60 phút.
Thời gian còn lại: 
Cỡ chữ câu hỏi:  Cỡ chữ đáp án:

Which one of the following is not a benefit of hand massage?
  A - 
Shiny nails
  B - 
Increased circulation
  C - 
Smooth skin
  D - 
Flexible hands
Cuticle creams are used to:
  A - 
Treat brittle nails and dry cuticle
  B - 
Encourage the growth of nails
  C - 
Remove dead cuticle
  D - 
Remove dry cuticle
You may use a steel file instead of an emery board to:
  A - 
Remove a small amount of nail
  B - 
Give a smooth finish to the nail
  C - 
Remove a large amount of the nail
  D - 
Give a rough finish to the nail
Scratches on nail body could result form the use of:
  A - 
Certain types of base coat
  B - 
Strong polish remover
  C - 
A steel pusher on a dry nail
  D - 
The orangewood sticks on a wet nail body
Which of the following procedures cannot be accomplished with nail mending:
  A - 
Repairing split nails.
  B - 
Capping fragile nail tips
  C - 
Reattaching the tip of nails
  D - 
Narrowing the tip of heavy nails
Dead cuticle is easier to remove:
  A - 
If it adheres to the nail body
  B - 
When it is buffed first
  C - 
After the softening action of cuticle solvent
  D - 
When the patron does not wear nail
Textbooks recommend a steel pusher be used:
  A - 
Flat, with gentle pressure, on dry nail body
  B - 
Flat, with gentle pressure, on moist nail
  C - 
At an angle, with pressure, on a dry nail
  D - 
At an angle, without pressure, on moist nail
Artificial nails help a damaged or fragile nails, strenghen the nails, extend the nail, repair weak nails and:
  A - 
Conceal broken nails
  B - 
Cover up an inflammation
  C - 
Make nails grow faster
  D - 
Prevent nail discoloration
Nails grow by constant multiplication of the nail cells in the
  A - 
  B - 
Nail grooves
  C - 
  D - 
If "Quats" is used to disinfect implements, it must possess which of the following properties to be in compliance with the law?
  A - 
  B - 
  C - 
  D - 
All of the above
[Người đăng: Thành Lãm - ST]
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