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Which of the following is a black box design technique? statement testing equivalence partitioning error- guessing usability testing..... A program with high cyclometic complexity is almost likely to be? Large Small Difficult to write Difficult to test..... Which of the following is a static test? code inspection coverage analysis usability assessment.....
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When should you stop testing? when time for testing has run out. when all planned tests have been run when the test completion criteria have been met when no faults have been found by the tests run...... Which of the following is true? Component testing should be black box, system testing should be white box. if u find a lot of bugs in testing, you should not be very confident about the quality of software the fewer bugs you find,the better your testing was the more tests you run, the more bugs you will find.... What is the important criterion in deciding what testing technique to use? how well you know a particular technique the objective of the test how appropriate the technique is for testing the application.....
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which of the following statements is not true ? performance testing can be done during unit testing as well as during the testing of whole system The acceptance test does not necessarily include a regression test Verification activities should not involve testers (reviews, inspections etc).... Test environments should be as similar to production environments as possible When reporting faults found to developers, testers should be? as polite, constructive and helpful as possible firm about insisting that a bug is not a "feature" if it should be fixed.... diplomatic, sensitive to the way they may react to criticism All of the above In which order should tests be run? the most important tests first (***) the most difficult tests first(to allow maximum time for fixing).....
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Which of the following is not a measurable characteristic of an object-oriented design? completeness efficiency size volatility.... The depth of inheritance tree (DIT) metric can give an OO software designer a reading on the ? attributes required for each class completion time required for system implementation complexity of the class hierarchy | 329903. level of object reusability achieved.... If you encounter a class with a large responsibility (large class size or CS value) you should consider ? making it a base class making it a subclass.....
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Several common design issues surface for almost every user interface including ? adaptive user profiles None of above answers displays system response time & error handling resolution of graphics.... User interface development systems typically provide several mechanisms for building interface prototypes including ? code generation drawing tools None is right answer. windows handlers, input validation..... Usability questionnaires are most meaningful to the interface designers when completed by ? customers experienced programmers......
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In transaction mapping the first level factoring results in the ? creation of a CFD derivation of the control hierarchy distribution of worker modules refinement of the module view..... A successful application of transform or transaction mapping to create an architectural design is supplemented by ? entity relationship diagrams module interface descriptions DFD test cases for each module..... Which of the following interface design principles does not allow the user to remain in control of the interaction with a computer? allow interaction to interruptible allow interaction to be undoable hide technical internals from casual users......
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Which of these characteristics are true of a data warehouse, but not a typical data base? business level orientation currency of information integration simple.... An architectural style encompasses which NOT of the following elements? constraints set of components semantic models syntactic models.... To determine the architectural style or combination of styles that best fits the proposed system, requirements engineering is used to uncover ? algorithmic complexity characteristics and constraints control and data design patterns.....
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The major areas of problem decomposition during the project scoping activity are the? software process model functionality to be delivered process used to deliver functionality Both b and c..... When can selected common process framework activities be omitted during process decomposition? when the project is extremely small in size any time the software is mission critical rapid prototyping does not require their use never—the activities should always occur.... How does a software project manager need to act to minimize the risk of software failure? double the project team size start on the right foot track progress.....
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Tests derived from behavioral class models should be based on the ? data flow diagram object-relation diagram state diagram use-case diagram..... Effective software project management focuses on four P's which are ? people, performance, payoff, product people, product, performance, process people, product, process, project people, process, payoff, product..... The first step in project planning is to ? determine the budget. select a team organizational model. determine the project constraints......
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The cyclomatic complexity metric provides the designer with information regarding the number of ? cycles in the program errors in the program independent logic paths in the program statements in the program.... Condition testing is a control structure testing technique where the criteria used to design test cases is that they ? rely on basis path testing exercise the logical conditions in a program module select test paths based on the locations and uses of variables focus on testing the validity of loop constructs..... Data flow testing is a control structure testing technique where the criteria used to design test cases is that they ? rely on basis path testing exercise the logical conditions in a program module......
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