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Manicurist Practical Test - 08
Ngày làm bài: Hôm nay lúc 09:04:23 (Server time)
Số câu hỏi: 10.   Tổng điểm: 10
Yêu cầu hoàn thành: 60 phút.
Thời gian còn lại: 
Cỡ chữ câu hỏi:  Cỡ chữ đáp án:

What is the main reason the fingers are placed in a soak bath during a manicure?
  A - 
To clean them up
  B - 
To relax the client
  C - 
To soften the cuticles
  D - 
To make the manicure last longer
Which of these steps is the best if nail polish thickens slightly?
  A - 
Throw the polish away
  B - 
Put antiseptic in the polish to make it less thick
  C - 
Thin the polish by adding polish solvent and shaking the polish well
  D - 
Add water to the polish
A nail technician should obtain a physician's permission before massaging a client with which of these conditions?
  A - 
High blood pressure
  B - 
A cold
  C - 
  D - 
A manicure is usually began with the client's less-used hand, why is that?
  A - 
It looks more professional
  B - 
The less-used hand needs more work
  C - 
The more used hand needs more time to soak
  D - 
Many salons require that
What is the minimum time that the implements should be immersed in a wet sanitizer?
  A - 
5 minutes
  B - 
15 minutes
  C - 
20 minutes
  D - 
25 minutes
What is the main goal ot a nail technician if a client has a serviceable nail disorder?
  A - 
To overcharge that client
  B - 
To cosmetically improve the appearance of the nail
  C - 
To recognize it and send the client to a doctor
  D - 
To make the client buy extra nail products
The best way to deal with white spots on nails is to?
  A - 
Cut them off
  B - 
Allow the spots to grow out with the nail
  C - 
Soak the nail in acetone
  D - 
Send the client to a physician
The client consultation is a good time for what?
  A - 
To tell your client about your personal problems
  B - 
To overcharge your client
  C - 
To discuss safety, equipment and procedures with the client
  D - 
To give your client a pedicure
What is the most important information you should gather during a consultation with a new client?
  A - 
How much money does the client earn
  B - 
The client's family problems
  C - 
The client's opinion of the salon
  D - 
The client's medical background
What is a nail wall?
  A - 
The part of the nail closest to the cuticle
  B - 
The skin on the sides of the nail
  C - 
The space on the tip where we apply the glue
  D - 
The walls in the salon
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